Donor impact spotlight: the Levine Family Lectureship

2017-08-11 3:03:01 PM

In June 2017, the inaugural Levine Family Lectureship took place in the C.L. Burton Conference Centre at Women’s College Hospital. This new annual lecture series is made possible through the generosity of the Cowan-Levine family, who established the Levine Quadruplet Endowment Fund with a mission to highlight and amplify mental health as a crucial part of healthcare for all women.

The inaugural lecture featured presentations from Dr. Valerie Taylor, psychiatrist-in-chief, and Dr. Simone Vigod, scientist and staff psychiatrist at WCH, on gaps in mental healthcare for women and mental health around the time of pregnancy. The Lectureship provided an important forum for much-needed conversation around new research and best medical practices related to mental health challenges specifically impacting women.

In June 2018, the Levine Family Lectureship will be a keynote address at Trauma Talks 2018 – an international conference, led by WCH, focused on the concept and practice of trauma-informed care.

Save the date for the Trauma Talks conference on June 1, 2018!